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what to bring?

Sewing machine ( optional)

Old kids clothes/ Women's wear to swap

Jeans to recycle - Old T-shirts to upcycle

Any clothes or socks to darn and repair.

what will be available?

Cup of tea or coffee

Thread, Sewing needles, small scissors to purchase on the day.

Cheekyhandmades is an all in one sewing tuition service. Jennie has been teaching in her purpose built garden studio in Walthamstow for 9 years. She specialises in passing on her extensive knowledge in small friendly classes. Jennie is passionate about all craft, and believes that anyone can (and should!) learn to sew. Her expertise includes quilting, dressmaking and applique. As well as the classes, she offers advice on service and repair on most sewing machines, with a special focus on vintage machines.

For this workshop, you can bring your sewing machine go get advice on how to look after it, or how to do minor repairs. Alternatively, leave your machine with Jennie for a special price £40 repair deal if it's not possible to fix on the day.

House of Stitch started with Claire's love of sewing. She teaches and inspires people to feel confident using a sewing machine and making their own garments. She also teaches darning and repair workshops, and believes we need to rethink our attitudes to fast fashion. Claire has a degree in Costume Design, and is also a fully qualified teacher.

In this workshop you will learn how to darn and patch clothing by hand. This is a relaxing and meditative way to breathe new life into old clothes. Bring along a garment to repair, kids clothing is ideal for this project. Claire will teach you darning for knitwear, you will also get a sample to practice on. She will talk about repairing small holes using fabric scraps and a Sashiko style running stitch, a repair technique that is simple to learn and can be decorative as you wish to make it. All materials and equipment are provided. Some basic hand sewing skills are helpful but not essential.

Yoyuu is all about making quirky and unique designs for children to wear. Hannah the creator and designer behind YOYUU offers a new take on recycled clothing by turning them into bold, graphic, fun clothes that children feel comfortable wearing. Each piece is individual and one of a kind. Hannah has worked with a fast fashion supplier and manufacturer for over 10 years and always felt that there must be a better alternative to throw away fashion. Inspired by 'Junky Styling' and anything up cycled giving new life into old. If you have any ripped and unwanted denim blue jeans Hannah can recycle them and in return offer a discount on her kids jeans.

In the workshop Hannah will teach you how to make a simple bag from a T-shirt with no sewing involved. You are welcome to bring an old T-shirt, or there will be a few available on the day. There is also a swap shop, where you can bring your unwanted kids clothes and Womenswear. Please make sure these are all clean and arrange them on the tables marked by age or size, then simply swap.

further details

venue -

Woodford Green, United Reformed Church IG8 0UP

Parking available.

date and time -

Sat 30th March 1pm - 3pm


£8 for tickets kids free up to age 12


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